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How does it work?

What's this about?

This is Influnate

Influnate is a tool that allows you to send and receive money via social networks. This makes it a universal service. You can easily give something back to the people who save your day and finally send the 5$ to a friend who paid for the pizzas the last time. You can raise money for your first own album, finance the next equipment for your favourite streamer or support your tattoo artist before your next appointment. Use Influnate to get support for your art or to raise money for a good cause. Become part of a large community and design your world the way you want it to be.

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What everyone wants to know:

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Charge your account.

    Step 1: Charge your account.

  • Step 2: Connect the social network.

    Step 2: Connect the social network.

  • Step 3: Send money.

    Step 3: Send money.

  • Start sending money
  • Step 1: You have received money.

    Step 1: You have received money.

  • Step 2: Create an account and connect the social network.

    Step 2: Create an account and connect the social network.

  • Step 3: Receive the money our Web App.

    Step 3: Receive the money our Web App.

  • Start receiving money

    What's the point?

    Your benefits

    • Simple and direct

      Simple and direct

      With our solution, you don't have to fight through an endless stream of referrals. A simple comment is enough.

    • Prepaid model

      Prepaid model

      You don't have to worry about your wallet. You can only send as much money as you've deposited. If there is more, you can top up your account in a few seconds.

    • Low fees

      Low fees

      Only 4% of the transferred amount will be charged for the operation of our platform.

    • Platform independent

      Platform independent

      You only need one Influnate account to send money through all your social media accounts.

    • No additional effort

      No additional effort

      With Influnate you do not have to maintain an extra page. The money is sent directly via social networks.

    • No fees

      No fees

      There are no fees for you as the receiver, because the only fees we charge are directly deducted from the donated amount. All money that is transferred to your Influnate account is yours!

    • No account? No problem!

      No account? No problem!

      If someone tries to send you money, but you don't have an account with us, your money isn't gone. You simply create an account and connect your social media account. Then the amount sent will be credited.

    • Time independent

      Time independent

      You can send, deposit or withdraw money at any time. Without high minimum amounts and without long waiting periods.

    Currently you can find us on the following platforms:

    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Reddit

    There will be even more in the future:

    • Tik Tok
    • Facebook
    • Mixer
    • Twitch
    • Youtube

    Limits? What limits?

    We are everywhere.

    We don't know any, so you only need one Influnate account for all your social media accounts. Currently you can use our service on Instagram, Twitter and Reddit. We are constantly developing new features so that you can use Influnate on other platforms soon.

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    Would you like a introduction?

    The Creator

    Holding the big toe in the Olympic pool is easier than swimming a world record in it. But with some artists who are looking for their equals, we like to go on record hunt! And this is exactly where our focus, our common goal and our dream begins. Already now we are happy to have breathtaking creators at our side, with whom we all pull together without exception.

    Learn more


    Twitch Partner, League of Legends Pro and Coach


    Twitch Partner, World of Warcraft Pro, entertainment factor over 9000!


    Call of Duty legend and entertainer of the extra class.

    Cosplay Cubrey

    All-round talent in cosplay, entertainment, dance and singing.

    Dranacy Cosplay

    Ingenious cosplays, massive entertainment factor and dancing skills par excellence.

    Lyraria Lin

    Cosplay which is without comparison. A pleasure to the eye and puts a smile on everyone's lips.

    Gisi cosplay

    A legend in World of Warcraft cosplay, unmatched in detail and a man of true stature.


    Breathtaking art for over 2 decades.


    The queen of the OC Cosplays. Artistically and extremely well-versed in the field of gaming, she is absolutely fantastic.


    Entertainer with heart and soul, whether on stream, as a presenter at conventions or wherever else you meet him.

    Game setups

    The most beautiful, impressive and futuristic gaming setups lovingly presented.

    Deagal Remyr

    Twitch partner. No matter if Cosplay, Larp, Music, World of Warcraft or Crafting, Deagal feels everywhere comfortable.

    What our community thinks?




    "Working with Influnate has been a lot of fun from the beginning and the team is very friendly and attentive".


    Deagal Remyr

    "My collaboration with Influnate is so successful because Influnate was fully supportive from the very beginning of the cooperation, always helped me quickly and without complications and their product is simply brilliant".


    1st U Management Agentur

    "The cooperation with Mr. Wenig was very professional and goal-oriented from the beginning. Influnate offers a very good and fast service that helps the creative artists in their daily business. We are looking forward to further projects and a long lasting cooperation".

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