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For more clarity in the Influnate world we have collected the most frequently asked questions here. Of course we want to provide our community with the latest FAQ page and are happy to fill it with new content, maybe you will find your question here soon. If you are still not clear about a topic, you can easily contact us via our contact form.

Yes you can! With our 2 factor authentication, which you activate in the security settings, you have the possibility to decide whether you want to verify every transaction, every payout or both with a token from an external OTP (One time password) app. This way you can be sure that only you can send or withdraw money if you forget to sign out somewhere.
No, your balance cannot be overdrawn. You can only send as much money as you have previously deposited.
The term Know Your Customer (KYC) is used to describe a legitimacy check of certain new customers to prevent money laundering. Your personal documents are not stored on our servers, but on the servers of our 100% secure payment service provider Mangopay, which is authorized to do so.
You need to verify yourself with the KYC process in order to make payouts and protect us from e.g. money laundering.
There are four account types available: Regular user, sole proprietor, company and non-profit organization.
This is an account for private / non-commercial persons.
This account is for sole traders, freelancers, general partnerships (OHG) and companies under civil law (GbR).
This account is for companies such as a GmbH, UG, KG and AG.
This is an account for societies, associations and non-profit organisations.
After you have charged your account and added at least one social media account, you can now send money via a comment on the selected platform. It is important that you use the correct syntax: For Instagram and Twitter @influnate X€ or $ and for Reddit /u/influnate X€ or $. There must be a space between Influnate and the amount. The minimum amount to send is 1 Euro or Dollar.
To receive money you only need to have a social media account on the supported platforms. If you don't have an Influnate account, we will notify you by a comment with an info that money has been sent to you and how you can receive it. As soon as you have created an Influnate Account, the money you receive will be credited to your account immediately.
A virtual account is equivalent to a cashless payment transaction, e.g. online transactions, an electronic wallet, or purse.
After you have created a new account, you will receive two new virtual wallets, one each for the currency EURO (€) and Dollar ($).
Click on the "Deposit" button. Now select a predefined amount or enter one yourself. Now choose your payment method or add a new one and finally confirm the deposit.
You can fund your accounts by using various payment methods. If you want to fund your account with Euro (€), you can do so with KLARNA, PayPal, credit card, SEPA direct debit and bank transfer. If you want to fund your account with dollars ($), you can do so by credit card and bank transfer.
To make a withdrawal, you have to finish the KYC process! Click on the "Withdrawal" button. Now select a predefined amount or enter one yourself. Now choose your bank account or add a new one and confirm the payout.
Click on the big plus symbol. Now select the platform you want to use. Log in on the platform and confirm the usage with Influnate. Done! You have successfully connected your social media account and can now receive and donate money on this platform.
Just click on the X in the upper right corner. Now you have to confirm that the account should be removed. And done! The account is now removed.
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Antwort auf Deine Frage

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