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Security settings

What features do we offer?

Our two factor authentication

The 2 Factor Authentication is a very simple security mechanism which ensures that you do not get access to your account and thus to your wallet by simply entering your password. As the name suggests, a second factor is included here.

What does that mean to you:
First of all, you install a two-factor app on your mobile phone. You have two choices here. You can protect your withdrawals and also your money transfers. If you have authentication enabled for withdrawals, you must always enter a code from the app before you can withdraw money from your account. If you have enabled authentication for internal transfers, you will need to enter the code each time you transfer money. This mechanism protects you against hackers transferring your money to another account or withdrawing the money. You can decide for yourself if you want to activate this mechanism.

Our Pre-Paid Model

In addition to the greatest possible security for payments, the security of our young users is also very important to us. Our Pre-Paid system allows you to keep track of your account balance at all times and prevents your wallet from being overused. So your account cannot be overdrawn. You can only send as much money as you have charged before.

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